Brand Name Kamagra
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma
Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Time to onset 30-40 Minutes
Duration 4-6 Hours
Strength 50 mg, 100 mg
Packaging 10, 30, 60, 90 Tablets
Average Market Price
$ 2.72

Kamagra is a very popular, successful and widely accepted treatment for erectile dysfunction. Manufactured by Ajanta Pharma in clinical conditions, Kamagra is produced to a high quality standard to ensure safety and effectiveness. Patients using Kamagra regularly report successful intercourse and generally continue to use the treatment. It is important to follow all the product guidelines before the use of this medication. Please remember that this drug doesn't work if there is no arousal during intercourse.

Kamagra100 mg is a widely prescribed drug for the effective treatment of ED (Erectile dysfunction). This pharmaceutical contains Sildenafil Citrate which improves the stream of blood to the male genitalia, bringing about a firm erection and pleasurable intercourse in bed. Sildenafil Citrate is FDA approved, highly popular, affordable and guarantees a rock-solid erection for best intercourse. This pill has restored the sex lives of millions of males across the globe and has brought back happiness and normalcy in their conjugal lives. Kamagra shows results within half an hour after consumption and its effect lasts in the body of the men for 4 to 6 hours. Individuals have been able to enjoy multiple sessions of lovemaking activity with the proper use of Kamagra Pills.

Buying Kamagra

This medicine hit the market as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is a product of an Indian pharmacy. This brand is one of the most exported drugs as it is quite affordable compared to the branded versions such as Viagra. You do not need a prescription to buy Kamagra, however, it is important to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. The main purpose of Kamagra is to smoothen and relax the muscles, arteries, and blood vessels in a man's body. It helps in releasing nitrates and nitric oxide so that the arteries and vessels that carry blood to penis expand in size. As the arteries and vessels expand, a lot of blood will reach the penis.

It works best for those patients who have erectile dysfunction due to physical or physiological reasons However, for a higher degree of physiological effects the medicine doesn't work on its best. it's advisable to consult a doctor for the aim. Doctor's counseling, Kamagra, and a bit of lifestyle change can act as a miracle for erectile dysfunction patients. Kamagra Tablets belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors. There are many side effects associated with the medicine, so be double sure before you start consuming this medication.


The correct dosage of Kamagra is one 50mg or 100 mg tablet for a day. It should be taken with a glass of water as per the instructions of a physician. Under no circumstance, should you increase the dose without consulting a physician. The effects of large portions can be characterized by severe side effects which may last for a long time. It is important to take these pills as per prescribed by your physician or Doctor. These pills are taken after 30 minutes of a meal. If you still not get any result or effect you can contact your physician to but do not take more pills.

Safety Precautions

Kamagra should always be taken after getting a doctor's prescription. You should not consume this drug if you are suffering from heart or cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attacks, blood pressure problems and anaemia. For better results, avoid alcohol, nicotine and other ED drugs with Kamagra tablets. Consumption of alcohol leads to decreased blood pressure and enhances some other side effects. Further, you must keep away from grapefruit and its juice during its use. This drug should not be consumed by individuals below 18 years of age. Males allergic to Sildenafil Citrate, mentally challenged patients, alcoholics and drug abusers should stay away from its use.

Possible Side effects

Use of Kamagra leads to some mild as well as adverse side effects, for example, facial flushing, nausea, headache, vision problems, loss of hearing, nausea, stomach upset and prolonged erections. Severe side effects should never be taken lightly and must be brought to the notice of a physician.

Kamagra Commonly Asked Questions

How does Kamagra work?

Kamagra works due to the active component, Sildenafil Citrate present in the medicine. The drug helps in relaxing the muscles. It helps in the release of nitrates at the time of arousal. These nitrates expand the arteries and the vessels that supply the blood to the phallus. As a result, more blood reaches the penis. However, the works only when a person is sexually aroused or stimulated.

Is Kamagra tablets Generic Version of Viagra?

Yes, Kamagra Tablets is a alternative of Viagra.

How long does it take Kamagra to show results?

It is meant for oral consumption only. You consume to take the medication prior to or after taking food. You can simply take this drug with a glass of water. However, try to avoid taking in fatty food after taking Kamagra as it may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. the medicine works best on empty stomach.

How Does Kamagra treat erectile dysfunction problems?

It belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors. This drug is suitable for combating and suppressing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil Citrate, the main component of the medicine is responsible for its working. It works by relaxing the muscles of the phallus. Thus, allowing more blood to reach the male genital area at the time of arousal. This helps in long-lasting longer sexual intercourse.

Who can use Kamagra?

It finds its applications for two sets of patients. Firstly, it is popular amongst the people suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is conjointly common among individuals littered with cardiovascular disease. Underage men, men over the age of 65, breastfeeding women, and pregnant women should stay away from this medicine.

Is it safe to require Kamagra on an empty stomach?

it's utterly safe to require Kamagra on an empty stomach In fact, the medicine works best once consumed on an empty abdomen. The reason behind this is that it gets easily absorbed into the system, thus showing fast results. The medication work on its best potential took on an empty abdomen. Food reduces the action of the drug because the medication could take longer to induce into the system.

What's the distinction between Kamagra and Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is one of the primary components present in Kamagra. A similar part is present in Viagra. The concentration of sildenafil citrate present in the drug depends upon the dosage of the medication.


Kamagra should be kept away from little children. You should keep them in dry, dark places with average room temperature in the original package.

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